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Build 6.11 Has Been Released
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Hello all,

Dress Shop Family build 6.11 has been released. This is a cleanup build only. No new features or products. The following issues have been corrected or improved:

Build 6.11 was released on July 21, 2005 with the following changes:

1. The bodice sloper was not getting the default back shoulder dart that was intended.

2. Stretch Raglan patterns could be distorted whenever back armhole depth is more than an inch longer than front armhole depth. And, the sleeve could change shape slightly from all pieces view to single piece view.

3. The shoulder lines of the sloper reference pattern display were not being drafted.

4. It was unclear what the difference between the lariat neck (in Sew Quick) and a shoulderless top was. Mia art was modified and reference to the instructional article was added to the pattern. The instructional article in the Help Index has pictures of options for this neckline treatment as well as directions for making it.

5. Pants and skirt waist dart legs were not drawing properly next to the waist seam line. This produced extra waist ease in pants and skirts. This was corrected in this build. Since this will change the fit of all pants (including slopers), this change was made optional. When you first run Dress Shop after installing this build (only the first time), you will be prompted for whether or not you want this change. If you like the fit of your pants now, you may not wish to do this change (it will reduce waist ease). You may change your mind at any time later and turn this change on or off in the Settings dialog.

6. The "Slopers" pants (as opposed to the Pants Sloper in the Pants menu) was getting a flat waistline, regardless of actual waist tilt.

7. It was possible for some blouse yokes to run too high at center, breaking into the neckline.

8. Princess line patterns were slightly tight at chest / high bust area. This was loosened up slightly by adjusting the center depth of the armhole (one half inch looser) for those patterns. This change was related to the armhole adjustment (item #2 in the build 6.10 release). So, this should effect the change in fit of those patterns within the past week only.

9. The pattern for the top of the skating outfit and the swim dress was incomplete.

10. The fabric guide for Activewear II was missing.

11. The armhole change in build 6.10 did not work well with princess line patterns, panel patterns, tunics, and patterns that included back bust ease. All of those were adjusted to work better with this change.

12. In all princess line patterns with flared skirts, the outer panel piece was modified to split the flare equally around the grain line.

13. The crop pants length was not appearing in the list of Mia pants length options for some users, depending on which other products were activated.

14. The shoulder extension of the princess line blouses was adjusted to match that used by the princess line dresses.

15. The overly skinny darts on high waisted patterns was corrected.

16. The center back of the racer back swimsuits were too narrow.

17. Several of the 2-piece patterns (skating outfit, tennis dress, swim dress, racer back tankini) were not drafting properly.

18. The Skirt pattern piece for empire waist dresses and nightgowns was drafting too short.

19. Shoulder Princess patterns with wide necklines that crossed the princess line, could have mis-shapened princess line and / or mis-matched shoulder seams.

20. Crop length fitted pants would get a bulging outseam.

21. All Gored Skirts were revised so that the gore panels were drafted on-grain.

22. Armhole princess line tops were illustrated on Mia with shoulder princess line illustrations.

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