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Update Build 6.12 Released
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Hello all,

Dress Shop 6 update build 6.12 and Dress Shop 5 build 5.29 have been released. There were a variety of fixes (see the list below). This update also includes "The Men's Essential Collection", a massive new collection of patterns, tools, new fit, drafting rules, and features. You can read about the new product and see pictures at:


The beta test team did a fantastic job with this one. It was far more work than any of us anticipated when we started it. We kept adding more and more as the wish lists got built and worked on. A tough project for all involved, but we all hope you'll be pleased with what came out of it.

There is an introductory discount available for this product. NO COUPON CODE IS REQUIRED. If you order before September 15, you will get the discount.

There is also a discount for those that own prior men's wear patterns. If you own Addon Set 14, any Pattern Library, or pattern packet 1012 and 1013, you will get $20 off the price of the new Men's Collection. The patterns included in these earlier sets have all been updated with the new features included in The Men's Collection. So, even if you do not move up to the larger product, you will get improved patterns in what you already owned.

Build 6.12 was released on September 7, 2005 with the following changes:

1. The Basic Bodice was not defaulting to having a back shoulder dart. At this time, the bodice, bodice sloper, and Fitted Blazer are the only patterns that get the back shoulder dart at default. For all other patterns, that dart is not present unless added using the Dart Tool.

2. Waisted Formals (such as the Empire Waist Formal) were not drafting properly.

3. Some skirts (gored, gathered, tiered, and circle) that are not drafted on-the-fold, would show excess pattern pieces if View - Pattern Side - Unfolded was selected.

4. The Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Blouse shoulder seam lengths (front versus back) were not the same.

5. The added vent and gore options included with Illusions and the Spring & Summer 2005 Collections were not showing in the Options Tool for some patterns.

6. Neck width and depth are now displayed on the pattern whenever reference lines are displayed.

7. Gored Skirt design changes:
a. Flare angle would decrease as skirt length decreased.
b. With foldover elastic waist or applied elastic waistband, waist width was expanded to maximum of waist, ab, or hip.
c. Front and back panels were not the same length.

8. Adding a side bust dart to a shirtwaist pattern would alter the skirt length inappropriately.

9. Basic Neck Editor features were enabled for Dress Shop 6 Basic. Dress Shop Standard and better have the full Neckline Designer tool.

10. The warmup suits were not drafting properly.

11. Patterns with designed in shoulder extension now get slightly more chest and back ease. The pattern that was reported being too tight in this area was the Armhole Princess Coat, but the change would apply to all coats and jackets that had extended shoulder lines.

12. In cases where the total ab circumference (front plus back) and total hip circumference are close to each other, pants can be too tight at the ab level in back. In those cases the back waist darts are now shortened to ab level to reduce dart intake below that point.

13. Error in the Options dialog relating to armhole ease when drafting coats or jackets was corrected.

14. In the Print dialog, when you preview an entire pattern, then click "Next Pattern Piece", the scale was changing from 100% to 125%. Fixed now.

15. The Crotch Tool was revised to disallow dragging the crotch extension point. This feature made it possible to get mis-matched inseam lengths (one in the crotch tool and one in the measurement page) which was causing more confusion than it helped.

16. Cutlines on straight collar, basic collar and collar stand revised.

17. The waist position of the standard shirtwaist dress could shift with changes of dart selection or closure.

18. The Pegged Mock Princess dress was drafting as slinky.

19. The Fit Tool was not properly updating ease amounts as knit stretch was selected. The default button also did not handle knits properly.

20. All vests and tunic vests now get zero Back Ease - to deepen the back armhole a bit.

21. The waist darts for high waisted and Hollywood Pants
were revised to be open at the waist line.

22. Pants waist line seams and cutlines were smoothed out.

23. If you tried to delete a measurement set without having loaded one, it would not delete. That is, if you run Dress Shop, then try to delete measurement sets, they will not delete. However, if load some set first, then try to delete it all worked fine. This should now be fixed so delete works in any case.

24. Collar lengths were not correct for shirts with raglan sleeves.

25. Facings for vests with points did not include the point.

================= End of Build 6.12 changes =========================

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