sloper pattern
I am unsure of what lines I should use cutting out sloper pattern. Also, do I add seam allowance for the sloper? It seems reasonable to me.
Please help.
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I currently cannot open the program so answering from memory.
You should be able to clearly see seam lines and cutting lines, especially if you have printed in colour - rather like looking at any paid for pattern, except there are circles or crosses instead of notches at the matching points on seamlines. There are options in one of the menus for whether or not to print with cutting lines and what seam allowances, whether you are working in inches or cm. If you have printed with the cutting lines it pays to check if the cutting lines are true to the seam as there are sometimes variations on the curves eg armholes.

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Hi Helen, Good information. I have found these settings and adjusted them to my needs. What I-m having problems with is: When I request "sloper" I get cutting lines in a dark color, seam lines in a bright blue, and another set of lines in red. I assume the red lines are the sloper. They do not show any seam allowance. O the blouse sloper pattern the red line angles away from the other colors toward waist line and has no end.

I am assuming I should cut with an added seam allowance, since I want one.

I've owned several versions of dress shop and have never been able to really use it because before no one would measure me. I just keep buying new versions, hoping someone will help me with measurements. My daughter has finally, so I'm really excited to use this product. I need it too. We recently moved to Ecuador from the US and I lost 40 pounds. This is huge, but my clothes are falling off me.

Thanks for helping. Sorry for the long letter.

Lynn B

Is there another way to print this so I only get the sloper?
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Lynn, if you are seeing an outline of a pattern shape in red on you sloper pattern you have the reference pattern turned on. I'm assuming you are using DS and at the top of the program you will see the white outline of bodice top. If you click on that icon you can turn it off. Hope this helps.
Debbie O'Connor

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I am assuming you have new measurements that you want to test by making up some test garments (that use the slopers). To do that, you click on Size, then click on Fit Test Garments, then select which test garment you want. I would recommend the Torso sloper because it includes your entire bodice and your abdomen and hip area. It will print with whatever seam allowance you are currently using, which is probably 5/8".
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