Import patterns?

Is it at all possible to import patterns that don’t originate from the dress shop software? Like random patterns bought, to adjust sizing etc?

Thank you!
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That would not be possible. Just about every pattern drafting software that I know of has its own proprietary formats and standards for pattern files.
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I've never been able to import patterns from another source to Dress Shop - I have been able to select a similar style and change the design features to closely resemble the "inspiration" pattern, though.

Then I figured out how I wanted to use the printed out pattern and the original paper or printed pattern to get the inspiration adjusted to my size.

I might not have owned a particular sleeve, collar, or pocket template, but I could figure out how to adjust the size of the original pattern to more closely match what it needed to be to make the "my size" version from the Dress Shop printout.

Renee Graham

Renee Graham
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