Making a Doll
Returning user.
Bought dolls shop deluxe and dress shop years back. Just updated and went exploring doll shop.
Never actually used it last time so treat me as total novice.
Found how to create a new doll(soft doll to dress).
Disappointed pattern pieces don't preview like other patterns (read why in forum) and learned pictures of dolls hidden in files on computer but sadly they are not named other than 1,2, 3 etc.
Is the make your own doll limited to one default size that we then alter with facial features, joints etc or is there more than just Abby Rose style doll?
I thought in older version we got to see preview of doll or pattern which was great for me.
If nothing else if the pictured dolls have names please can you see if they can be tagged with them in next update.
I am not griping just got wondering if I was doing something wrong because I used size to bring up doll chart and chose different doll to Abby Rose but only dress-shop pattern in preview window noted my change. I naïvely thought that the doll sizes could be used in the create the doll pattern too.
I tried changing size then going back to create a new doll but Abby Rose bless her cotton body got sole ownership of pattern with me able design face, joints etc.
Please enlighten me and future novice users.
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